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We have built our industry leading status by providing our customers with high class, high performing stainless steel products. Quality has been the keystone of our achievement. To ensure that our valued customers receive stainless steel tanks and equipment without defect, we build, inspect and rigorously test our finished stainless steel tanks and equipment in our factory. Raw material is sourced from reliable vendors and is duly checked by our expert staff to ensure they are at a level equivalent with and meeting international standards.

Our widespread experience with stainless steel tanks, silos, conveyors and our special fabrication technology allows us to surmount even the most significant challenges. We strongly believe that in order to maintain good customer relations we need to focus on meeting all of their needs, and insuring they are pleased throughout the entire process, from planning, production, installation, to after sales/installation service with a very strict quality procedures. Hence, we always implement new ideas, training and improved methods to develop ourselves and our technology, which helps us to attract new customers as well as to retain our existing customers.


ACMETALS cares about the well-being and quality of life of everyone who comes into contact with us, be that person an employee, an employee’s family member, a customer or a member of the communities that live around us. For that reason, we have implemented occupational health and safety procedures and policies in our regular mode of operations. These safety protocols not only assure personnel of high health and safety standards but also trim down the environmental impact of our operations. We recognize occupational health and safety as an integral part of our business performance. To start this occupational health and safety regimen, we established objectives, made plans and targets in terms of occupational health and safety.

We teach our factory staff about the importance of setting up an occupational health, safety, and environmental policies so that they could participate in planning, supervising, and implementing such matters as risk assessment, and laws and rules related to occupational health and safety management. We also encourage them to attend training programs and enforce work regulations to ensure maximum safety in the workplace.